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Brigada News FM

Brigada Mass Media Corporation (BMMC) is the mother company of the Brigada Group of Companies and on September 28, 2013 Brigada acquired the broadcast network- Baycomms Broadcasting Corporation. As of today, Brigada owns 18 radio stations broadcasting in different strategic areas of the country, 1 UHF TV Station in General Santos City and another 20 radio stations will be constructed next year 2015-2016.

Brigada started to invest in acquiring a radio station in General Santos City on October 18, 2009 from a small radio with a power of 300 watts only. It was upgraded later and increased the power using the old tube type locally-assembled transmitter to 3,000 watts.

After 1 year of operation, the company transferred to its newly owned corporate building and all the equipment were changed to state-of-the-art latest broadcast equipments. All were changed to brand new imported broadcast equipment from Italy with a power of 12,000 watts solid-state transmitter, 6 bay broadband 15kw antenna, 8600 Orban Optimod model audio processor (the Latest), E27 EV Microphones, Digital consoles and mixers and other brand new equipment.

Another 1 year of operation, another radio station was constructed by Brigada in Koronadal City in South Cotabato and all equipment were brand new and imported from Italy and USA. Top caliber news anchor and disc jockeys are from Bombo Radyo, Super Radyo, RMN, Love radio and other stations. After 1 year again, Brigada made a multiple expansion of radio stations like a big bang in different areas of the country.

Brigada News FM Cebu was constructed with all brand new broadcast equipment from 30,000 watts solid state and other equipment imported from Italy and USA, and another stations was constructed with a power of 10,000 watts in Zamboanga City and in Cagayan de Oro City. Just recently, Brigada constructed the 104.7 Brigada News FM National with all brand new TOP OF THE LINE broadcast equipment from USA and Italy- with our national headquarters at the business capital of the Philippines- in EDSA, Makati City.

The newly added stations in Brigada are in Lucena City, Daet-Camarines Norte, Tacloban City, Toledo City-Cebu, Kalibo- Aklan, San Carlos City-Negross Occidental, Cotabato City, Puerto Princesa City Palawan with its relay stations in Brookespoint, Quezon and Narra palawan and Kidapawan City.

Another radio stations with approved frequencies from NTC will be constructed and soon will hit the airwaves on 2014-2015: Roxas City-Panay, Iligan City, Bogo City-Cebu, Digos Davao del Sur, Cauayan City-Isabela, Tuguegarao-City Cagayan, Olongapo City-Zambales and in other areas.

Brigada News FM, “The Music and News Authority” is now broadcasting in different major cities in the Philippines:

Brigada National-Makati City, Metro Manila
104.7 Brigada News FM National.. in the airwaves of Mega Manila expanded areas
93.1 Brigada News FM Cebu City
89.5 Brigada News FM General Santos City
Channel 46 Brigada News TV General Santos City
102.5 Brigada News FM Cagayan De Oro City
93.1 Brigada News FM Zamboanga City
95.7 Brigada News FM Koronadal City
103.1 Brigada News FM Puerto Princesa City, Palawan
96.5 Brigada News FM Narra, Palawan
98.3 Brigada News FM Quezon, Palawan
103.7 Brigada News FM Brookespoint, Palawan
88.5 Brigada News FM Toledo City
89.3 Brigada News FM San Carlos City, Negros Occidental
89.3 Brigada News FM Cotabato City
99.3 Brigada News FM Kalibo, Aklan
92.7 Brigada News FM Lucena City
93.5 Brigada News FM Tacloban City
102.9 Brigada News FM Daet, Camarines Norte

97.5 Brigada News FM Kidapawan City

95.1 Brigada News FM Iligan City

90.9 Brigada News FM Bogo City, Cebu

Soon to Air Brigada News FM radio stations that will hug and hit the airwaves in other cities of the country:

93.5 Brigada News FM Olongapo City
107.3 Brigada News FM Roxas City, Capiz
92.9 Brigada News FM Cauayan City, Isabela
92.5 Brigada News FM Tuguegarao City
90.3 Brigada News FM Digos City, Davao del Sur

Brigada News FM Davao City
Brigada News FM Butuan City
Brigada News FM Bacolod City
Brigada News FM Iloilo City
Brigada News FM Baguio City
Brigada News FM Surigao City
Brigada News FM Valencia City, Bukidnon
Brigada News FM Dumaguete City

Brigada News FM, “The Music and News Authority” has now invaded with a BANG of the nationwide broadcasting scene in its name and will soon be embedded and will ring a BELL in the Philippine broadcasting industry.

Good Ratings:

After several months from its inception in General Santos City, it was declared as over-all number one in morning radio primetime news and public affairs from 4am to 9am, and over-all number 2 in both AM and FM rankings during the official survey conducted by The Nielsen Company.
On the 3rd year of official survey conducted by The Nielsen and Kantar Media, Brigada News FM Gensan slided down to rank number 3 in over-all ranking but with a minimal difference only from rank 2 and rank 1 but, maintained the position of being the king in morning radio primetime in news and public affairs 4am to 9am with a total of 28% over-all listenership ratings while Love Radio of MBC (rank number 1) got only 23% in that time slot (attached file, layout of tarp ratings).
Brigada News FM Koronadal since from its inception is consistently number 1 in listenership in South Cotabato and neighboring provinces and the only high powered 24 hour broadcast station in the area. Our new stations: Brigada News FM Cebu which was launched some few months ago is now gaining ground and taking a big slice of listenership in Cebu and neighboring areas. We are confident that in the latest and coming official surveys, Brigada News FM Cebu will be included among the top and leading radio stations in the area. Brigada News FM Zamboanga is now on air after the war last month but it has now already gotten the big slice of listenership among Zamboangueños and considered as the number-1 listened FM stationed for news and music in Zamboanga City today.

Brigada News FM Toledo City in western part of Cebu Province is now undeniably the number-1 radio station because this is the only high powered radio station with quality programing in the area. Brigada News FM San Carlos City in Negros Occidental is now also the number-1 radio station because aside from the only high-powered radio station in the area, it is the only station having a local quality programming. Brigada News FM National is consistently number-1 in Batangas in many surveys in the area, making them a station with many national advertisements from big advertisement agencies in Manila. Brigada News FM Lucena City is also one of the leading stations based on the latest official survey in the area.

Brigada News FM is particular in quality programming. We organized a research team to study the cultures of people in every area we put-up our station for us to analyze and make a better programming that would really fit to our target market. This is the reason why we are always widely listened and patronized wherever we establish our station.

Program Content:

Our program content is focused on our target market, the socio-eco class BCDE and category ages 35 years old to 60 years old and up listeners. The interests in radio listening of this class and category form part of the contents of our radio programs because these people are the family’s income earners, decision makers and have a buying capacity.

Brigada News FM has competitive music programming as well as news and public affairs with reputable and credible news anchors and reporters. News is our top priority. Survey results of any research company in any part of the country show that morning is the primetime in radio and the rated programs with a big audience share are News usually in AM Radios but after news time, 9 o’clock in the morning onwards, listeners are turning their radio from News in the AM Radio to Music in FM Radio.

Today, latest gadget and receivers also have no AM receivers and only FM receivers, reason why Brigada News FM came out as the Trendsetter of new format in radio, combining news and public affairs and music and entertainment, leading to our slogan, Brigada: “The Music and News Authority.”

90 percent of the broadcast equipments used by Brigada News FM today are acquired brand new and imported from Italy and USA, all transmitters are solid state, almost all are considered as state of the art equipment.

Top Caliber Radio Personalities:
News Anchors and DJs, lawyers, professionals, seasoned broadcasters, commentators, managers and Disc Jockeys from other big networks.